LAMP Publishing

Literature is scarce and books are expensive in Angola. Yet, many Angolans are eager for something to read. The difficulty of bringing Portuguese-language resources into Angola led to the start of a new large scale printing ministry. This printing ministry is a service that will greatly benefit the Angolan church.

So far, songbooks, grammar books, textbooks, devotionals, commentaries, and theology books are among the resources that have been printed. But that is just the beginning. This new printing ministry along with our new ministry LAMP International will also allow these resources to be available for the first time in places like Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau or São Tomé.

World Bible School

Nathan & Danny collating & stapling

The Angola Mission Team’s presence in Angola is largely due to connections made with Angolans who were World Bible School students during their exile in Zambia. Nathan has been working with World Bible School to update the Portuguese translation of their Master Series courses. The courses were recently translated in Brazil. This translation work has been an important part of making it possible for these new Portuguese courses to be a useful tool for our ministry in Angola.

With the goal of making the translation clear and understandable for Portuguese-speaking students around the world, Nathan assembled and oversaw a team of Portuguese—speaking editors from different countries to review the translation. He is now working on the layout of the lessons so they can be printed in Angola and elsewhere.  

The Angola Mission Team has used World Bible School online to study the Bible with Angolan students all around the country. The printing ministry will now allow them to reach Angolan students who don’t regularly use the internet. In September, Danny and Nathan printed 500 copies of the WBS intro course. More courses are ready to be printed once the Hollands return to Angola.